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several years (humanities enrollments dropped an average of 1 percent. If you are having problems with the application tool, please contact the Education and Student Administration: (please send an e-mail with a screenshot and situation of your problem). You can now start your application by completing the required information. Required documents for your first enrolment. In my experience, PhD applicants are a thoughtful bunch, and I hope theyll evaluate the changing landscape of humanities grad training and the academic market with care. The Faculty will then evaluate your research proposal. Given the contraction of the academic market, it seems not just logical but also humane to reduce class sizes and ease (somewhat) the oversupply of humanities PhDs. A PhD study can be financed by a scholarship from the University of Copenhagen, or by external funds. A PhD can be started any time during the year. Re-enrolment Being allowed to re-enroll the next year depends on the decision of the PhD Progress Monitoring Commission and Research Council, after evaluation of your Progress Report. If you are a VUB-student, you will be able to log in with your VUB-ID. And some is likely due, as the CHEs piece points out, to applicants making a serious assessment of the state of the academic market in the humanities, and simply deciding not to pursue grad school. Processing an application (from first submission to acceptance) takes between 1 to 3 months. Where, the first enrolment is done in person at the desk of the Education and Student Administration, Pleinlaan 9, ground floor. If you have not yet studied at the VUB, you will be provided with a temporary log in account. Enrolment, when, you can only enroll when the Faculty has accepted your candidacy. If your application is accepted you will receive a Letter of Acceptance, which you can then use to enrol. The Education and Student Administration which will process your request, will then contact you if any information is missing. September 27, 2015, reading Time: 2 minutes, weve posted before about the challenging job market for humanities PhDs and the disparities in funding between doctoral programs in the humanities/social sciences and those in fields like business and engineering.

Especially for PhD candidates coming to Belgium on a visa. A move to fund students fullycompetitively and closer to what students in other fields are paid. Over the same period, at many universities, a strong graduate program enhances the reputation of a university. Proof of valid health insurance, where notice that the PhD programme at the University of Copenhagen builds on a Masterapos. Before applying, motivation letter if you have a nonBelgian degree 2 recommendation letters if you have a nonBelgian degree shouldnt be hbo uploaded initially. Document Checklist dont forget to upload the following information there is no specific form Passport photo.

Does UCIs 52 For PhDs Add. There jensen is no deadline for applications. You will be notified some time in July about your reenrolment. Free of charge Last enrolment, from academic year onwards the fees are. T make use of the online application tool more info here.

Rebecca Blustein, m consultant since 2008, former Student Affairs Officer at uclas Scholarship Resource Center, and author of the ebook, Financing Your Future: Winning Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards for Grad School.The subsequent years you can re-enrol online.

Possible additional documents as requested in the Letter of Acceptance (e.g.

My suggestion is that do some research oriented things in your field and do some internships so that that adds a weightage to your area.
And do have very good researches in your field so that the organisations and companies both will get impressed.

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The assessment of application for enrolment.
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The first enrolment is done in person at the desk of the Education and Student.