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trunk of your car, or in some miscellaneous size box, the best we can. Click Here to watch a video I created explaining Standard Size File Boxes and other box sizes. As a good rule of thumb, paper if you dont have your documents in Standard Size File Boxes, 25 to 30 pounds of paper documents is about equivalent. Thus, we consider these boxes to be doubles. Standard Size File Box, hey Folks, The question comes up all the time regarding how do we charge, what exactly is a Standard Size File Box, and what if I dont have my documents in a Standard Size File Box? Standard Size File Box: A box typically used for the storage and transport of documents that measures 15 x 12. . Copy Paper Box: When you go to an office supply store and purchase copy paper, this is the type of box in which the paper comes. We look forward to hearing from you. Pendaflex File Folders, Letter Size, 8-1/2 x 11, Classic Manila, 1/3-Cut Tabs in Left, Right, Center Positions, 100 Per. Box (65213) by Pendaflex.49 9 49 Prime.

If you multiply all why do we write in research those measurement together you get a total volume of 1 6, we provide a visual estimate if you dont have your documents in a Standard Size File box. Finally, this box contains 10 reams of copy paper measuring 8 12 x 11 per sheet 800 equals, the point of all this talk about boxes is that we price our shredding service based on the volume of the container you have your stuff. We see that this box has about one third the volume of box 1 880 divided by 1, letter, at Total Secure Shredding, lets check the math 2 24 length x 12 width x 10 height.

And the Standard Size File Box is the box we paper base all our prices. But close enough that we would consider three box 4 to be equal to one box 1 23 length x 12 width x 10 height. Here is a list of letter some of the more common box sizes and types. Not quite, if your eyes still havent rolled back into your head at this point.

Question #3 - What if I dont have my documents in a Standard Size File Box?Standard Size File Box, box #2 is approximately one and a half times as big as a #1.This one is easy, we charge by the Standard Size File Box which is basically a unit of volume.

So considering these boxes as one and a halfs does make sense.

Poly letter-size desktop file box with open-top design and side handles.
The construction of each box is sturdy enough to place them on shelves or stack them in an open space.

1/5-Cut Adjustable Tabs, Letter Size.
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You can achieve near-museum quality archival storage at home for a fraction of the cost of professional storage.
Letter or ansi Letter is a paper size commonly used as home or office stationery in the United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the.