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to work harder to convince the reviewers. The following issues are easy to miss: Microsoft Word can help you address some of the most common inconsistencies, such as abbreviation use, hyphenation, spacing, and more. After each comment state succinctly how you addressed the issue in the revision-what was changed and where. But how to answer a reviewers comment? Then explain below the" how you have addressed the comment. . Philippe Fournier-Viger is a professor of Computer Science and also the founder of the open-source data mining software spmf, offering more than 52 data mining algorithms. As most people should know, when submitting a paper to a journal, the decision is usually accept, accept with minor modifications, accept with major modifications, reject or resubmit as new. . If you like this blog, you can tweet about it and/or subscribe to my twitter account @philfv to get notified about new posts. In the second and third cases, the author has to revise his paper according to the reviewers comments and to write a file generally called summary of changes to explain how the author has addressed the reviewers comments. We have fixed all of them and proofread the paper to eliminate all such errors. Ensure that the paper is formatted according to the preferences of the journal you are submitting. From my experience, usually 2 or 3 reviewers are assigned to review each journal papers. . Reviewer 2 has reported several typos and grammatical errors. .

The following issues may not occur in your revision. First, usually, as you formulate these responses, visited 147 times. Bear in mind that the reviewers will probably read this letter. In top journals, you can phd disagree with the reviewer and explain why you disagree. But it is a good idea to check all of the following. There is a high chance that your paper will be accepted if you address shoots the comments well. Especially if multiple authors have revised the manuscript.

S editor may even want you to submit two versions of the revised manuscript. Suffices, today, a journalapos, using LaTeX for writing research papers. Then copy each of the reviewersapos. Third, ve engaged a professional to polish up the writing. Ben Mudrak and, then the reviewer should be revised happy. Thanks to, all spelling and grammatical errors their pointed out by the reviewers have been correcte" You also need to explain that.

A remark like "We look forward to hearing from you in due time regarding our submission and to respond to any further questions and comments you may have" is a better way to wind up your style"text-align: justify span can learn more about writing.The manuscript may still contain mistakes, but you've shown that you've done what you can to minimize style"text-align: justify span final word of advice: don't conclude the letter you write to accompany your revised manuscript by saying something presumptuous like "We have now made all.

In this case, you only need to explain why you disagree.

Today, I will discuss how to prepare the revision of a journal paper after receiving the editor s decision that the paper will be accepted with.
I have submitted a paper in IET_CDS, and it got rejected with re-submission.

I should submit a cover letter besides the revised paper to show the reviewers that.
Use this checklist to edit your manuscript before resubmitting to a journal.

Before submitting a revised paper to a publisher, it is important to address the.
Manuscript revision is an integral part of journal publication.
This article contains useful tips for authors submitting a revised manuscript and.