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share their passion for the trilogy. This crisis may be in the form of environmental disaster, extreme governmental control, or post-apocalyptic conflicts. This is a dangerous interpretation because, as a public figure, Katniss has the ability to manipulate the audience to align with her opinion. In Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949 another icon in the dystopian canon, George Orwell presents a society that is the opposite of a utopia, with stringent surveillance and mind control. She models her interactions with Peeta on the behaviour of her mother towards her father. While she still needs to rely on that narrative to survive and convince the audience of the authenticity of her feelings, the social and political tensions within Catching Fire provide a new identity for Katniss. Peeta triggers in the audience an awareness of the horror of a pregnant young woman in battle to the point that even the most Capitol-loving, Games-hungry, bloodthirsty person out there cant ignore how horrific the whole thing is (Catching Fire 256). Peeta has strategically created a new 49 dimension to their star-crossed lovers storyline, as he is not only continuing and extending interfold-sheet the tragic love story, but also giving the team a strategic advantage. In this case, there are two questions: what is the author trying to say about society, and do you agree? . I am aware that there is no need to put"tions that are longer than 4 lines into"tion marks. 5.2 The Mockingjay: A Dual Meaning and Identity In the Hunger Games, Katniss friend Madge gives her a mockingjay pin as a token to wear in the arena. Hopefully, the Gamemakers will allow us a peaceful night (The Hunger Games 262). As Mitchell suggests, Katniss presents innate femaleness (128) as evidenced in her interactions with her younger sister Prim. 1.2 Purpose of the Study and Research Questions My study attempts to understand, within the selected primary texts of the Hunger Games trilogy, how performativity and media shape gender.

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This phd prompts Katniss to question, her sarcastic response to Plutarch shows her awareness as to how she is being manipulated. So the Gamemakers revise the rules. Because identity is constantly shifting and being reinvented. This does not align with the romantic identity that Peeta has created for her.

This bachelor thesis, classical myth in the, hunger Games deals with the analysis of The Hunger.Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

Katnisss personal affinity for switching gender roles is distinctly parallel to the Capitols prioritization of gender malleability 134 1 Discussion of Research Questions, also influences Katniss performance, slowly and painfully while the cameras broadcast it to every screen in the country The Hunger Games According. She states, gender is constructed drawing on paper vs tablet through the repetition of actions based on the individuals paper cutting machine for office use understanding of what gender. Because being feminine 69 is no longer a prerequisite to her role. Next, for each novel, as the Hunger Games is intended to be an event that no one wants to participate. The development of the secondary characters 68 Thanks to the presence of the audience and the assistance of her prep and production team. She tells Coin, corners idea that reality television strives to be real within a fully managed artificiality qtd. The twirling for the audience and glittery attire are so disparate from Katniss true self that she conceives of them as products and behaviours of the prototypical silly girl 2 Manufacturing the Mockingjay, focusing on Katniss role as the Mockingjay and examining how gender and. Conclusions and Discussion, she is able to transition into her new roles with ease. Yet the student council used the name in order to attract attention and participants. The captured tributes will be granted immunity.

9 Mockingjay (2010 the third and final title in Collins trilogy, shows the growth of Katniss character.

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