How to cut paper with a cameo 3

are set. If you did not make a test cut, go back up to the CUT settings section and make a test cut. First I cut my background piece in what I call "scrapbook paper" - it's smooth and has some weight. Here is what you want to do to get ready to cut : Remove the mat from the bag. I always double check, so if it is not selected, please make sure to select. If you would like to use the same font I am using in the example, you can download Gelato Script here. Load mat- Loading the mat is pretty easy, but on your first time you might need a couple of tries to get it in straight, dont be discouraged, you will be able to load it like a pro after a couple of practice runs. To do this the lever on the right side of the bar should be in the up position. If you are using a smaller mat or media, you will need to move the rollers on the right side in to a setting that will catch your media. Use the character spacing slider to move the letters so the tails just barely overlap, or until it is most visually pleasing to you. I moved the text so the top was lined up with the top of the rectangle. Now to load your blade: Make sure the lever on the carriage is loose, this is pointed to the left on a cameo. If you know exactly what size you want it, you can pull down, or type it here. I mean the thing is pretty expensive and can do so much so if you are like me, you might be nervous to get started without breaking anything or wasting a bunch of expensive materials. We did it! If you dont have Silhouette Studio installed on your computer, either use the CD your machine came with or download Silhouette Studio here. Before you cut the next time, make sure and use the cursor keys next to the test cut button to postition the blade in a new place so it doesnt do the second test cut in the same place as the first. Then I cut the "thanks" piece.

How to cut paper with a cameo 3. Making fire bricks from waste paper

The red outlines contact indicate places the machine will cut and since we do not want each letter cut individually 1 on Cut Settings, nOT load media if you are using a mat. Make sure you choose load mat 9th anniversary party, if you are using true cardstock. M showing here teaching is meant to fit in a standard letter size envelope.

Cutting fragile paper with silhouette cameo, how to, how to cut thin paper, mat too sticky silhouette cameo, silhouette cameo paper tearing, silhouette cameo problem, tutorial Comments 29 Comments.Follow along as Lori Whitlock walks you through the process of opening an SVG or Silhouette Studio file and preparing it for cutting.

How to cut paper with a cameo 3:

Set up your machine, m so thrilled and honored that one of the most successful and popular designers not to mention the sweetest in the Silhouette Design Store Lori Whitlock has allowed me to take over her blog. Iapos, you should see Design Page Settings examples on the right quarter of your screen picroject and get started, now back to our first cut. Cameo and Portrait, iapos, check out my Silhouette cameo Pinterest board for lots of inspiration and once you have a project. S and donapos, how to Set Up the Cut Settings for Silhouette cameo We are almost ready to send our design to the machine. You can do this one of four ways. But first we need to understand one of the most important things we will do to have a successful cut set up our cut. Please dont be overwhelmed by the amount of steps below.

Select the Text tool Now choose the text tool from the left menu by clicking on the button that Looks like an A, OR by clicking the A icon on the top menu.Lock the blade in by turning the lever back, it should now be pointed right on a cameo.

 I used the Cardstock media setting with the blade at #2 and it cut like a dream.

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I m over there today sharing my do s and don ts for cutting paper with Silhouette, cameo and Portrait.
So to find out my best tips and practices for cutting paper with Silhouette head on over to Lori s blog.

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Another article filled with great paper cutting tips was written by Melissa and shared with my blog.