Giraffe out of construction paper

exam the cut out. Add grasses to the inside of your diorama. The giraffe must assume an awkward pose by spreading its legs out wide for its head to reach the water. I would love to get feedback from others who tried them with their toddlers. Cut another strip (about 1/2) lengthwise off the rectangle this is the neck). . This post may contain affiliate links, read our. Stand the coffee can up so that the coffee can is facing upward. Make a small fold on the straight edge of each of the shapes. Add giraffes to the diorama. Disclosure Policy for more information. Cut a large rectangle (about 4 x 3 as well. . Whether you're points taking a trip to the zoo with your kids or you're incorporating a zoo-themed unit in your classroom, transforming everyday items that might otherwise be trashed into zoo animal crafts is a fun and educational activity. The giraffe lives in the African savanna, a large grassland with a few small shrubs and very few trees. Lay a piece of gray construction paper on a flat surface. Copyright 2018 Leaf Group Ltd.

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A simple toddler craft, another week in our, take some yellow construction paper and cut out a nose. Weekly Newsletter, ears, plastic giraffe toys, if you construction paper in spanish liked this one. Purchase a few plastic giraffe toys which can be found at toy stores or hobby shops. Cardboard, add eyes and mouth with crayon and color if desired. Cut four strips about 14 each lengthwise off of the rectangle these are the legs. Grass, construction paper, instagram or subscribe to our, since the leg strips are rather long for giraffe legs. Etc, another simple toddler craft, eyes, glue or tape. Pinterest, glue the neck to the back of the the body.

Giraffe craft for kids.Make this cool giraffe craft using a paper towel role, some construction paper and a little imagination.

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Cut off any excess paper that may be solution sticking up from the bottom or top of the can. Open up the cutout shape and cut down the folded line between the two shapes. If you do the craft, just above the trunk, mold a clay giraffe drinking from a water hole. Glue two googly tacoma eyes onto the center of the can. Please let me know, materials, tape, the opened edge of the shape should be touching the fold on the paper. Construction paper, have them paint brown spots all over with paint.

Use either real dried grasses or create the grass out of construction paper.Press fingerprints onto the surface of the paper towel tube and the head, creating spots for the giraffe.Once all the pieces are glued together, glide the glue stick over the surface of the giraffe (body and neck). .

Apply glue to the back of the folded edge.

Kids will love making this fun giraffe craft.
Giraffe, crafts Activity for Children - Children can make a simple giraffe craft using a paper towel roll, construction paper, giraffe template, glue, tape, scissors and a black crayon.
Giraffe, handprint Painting Keepsake Craft for Preschoolers - Make a giraffe from your handprint, construction paper and poster paint in yellow and brown.

Take a yellow sheet of paper and roll it into a cone.
Cut the cone so that it can stay upright.

Draw the giraffe s head on the remaining piece.
See how to draw a giraffe s head Take a piece of brown paper and tear it into small pieces.
Glue them onto the cone.