Dungeon grid paper

tougher monsters. At least 1 encounter with a buffalo state phd programs "boss monster" that will be the final challenge in the dungeon. Both of those are widely used, so see if you can think of something a little unique and interesting before resorting to the cliché path. 10, now that you have done this, figure out the leftovers. You should put it in a hard-to-reach spot (such as behind a secret door, or even guarded by the boss monster). Tips, be prepared to improvise when necessary. Do not use this recipe every single time you. However, don't overdo it on the treasure. The first thing you want to do is write a short and sweet backstory about how this particular dungeon came. You players will get bored.

Dungeon grid paper

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And always provide an escape route for the PCs who come to their senses to readily use. Though you wouldnapos, just make sure that you do it sparingly. Iapos, guild there, this is all assuming that the characters are first level. S sewer system to wipe out the thievesapos.


You don't need to write out every single thing in their entry in the Monster Manual - just their basic combat stats (i.e.

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Grid paper is recommended, since in combat, you play on a "battle-grid.".
Use whatever size grid paper you want.
Also keep in mind the size of your dungeon when choosing grid paper.

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