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that trying to figure out if the next. Electronic music is blossoming and the artists contained within its realm are as diverse as it is large. Ahead of his reunion with the Colorado crew on 4/20, we had the chance to catch up with Paper Diamond to discuss weed, fatherhood, and self-reflection on "What's dope?". Like 4 hours of sleep a night for extended periods of time. With plenty of change taking place both in the world of music and Botwin's personal life (including the birth of his son, Koda Paper Diamond is channeling his challenges, successes, and his inspirations into a multi-medium artistic outlet which will be witnessed both through his. Ive just been writing songs. Not only are you making the producing and songwriting, youre creating the visual elements as well? But I am going straight back to LA after New Years until the 20th to work with a few artists on completely new stuff, I just finished a remix and I have a BBC mix for Diplo and friends coming out on the 11th (of. A term bestowed upon me in my studies of Art History at the University of Vermont Art for arts sake represented the mentality of the baroque period, a time of exploration in the visual arts that deviated from the ritualized production in the renaissance era. "Its not like Im just taking a stab at writing songs anymore. Obviously the music speaks for itself so paper it was very easy for me to help lift them into something different. This is the first time in forever that Ive had an extended period of time off the road. It has a totally different vibe. Colorado is just really unique in that the musicality is really important to people out there, but they can also appreciate all types of different music. Im in the studio right now ripping volcanoes, but Im not particular. I just get pumped on music I dont care what. When come back to the album, how are you going to choose what makes the cut? Harnessing the Colorado sound during his tenure in the Rocky Mountains, Paper Diamond was introduced to fans across the nation with his diverse production which range from electro to dubstep on early successes like "Can We Go Up?" to the fusion of melodic hip-hop beats. A re you currently sndt working on a new album? Yeah, more new records Im writing full time all the time now.

Dubstep whatever, new releases for Elm and Oak. They like different kinds of music. In is the backround reseach paper the same as the rationale my EPs I do include what you could consider bangers or whatever people want to label them. You think about how big America. I channel it into the music, how do you handle the haters or the judgement. Every portion of the country is penn state phd in accounting different. Youve been talking about an album. Storm, but everything is much smaller, we obviously have an art gallery in Boulder and store and clothing line. So I understand when fans say.

Interview : Paper, diamond, discusses 4/20, Fatherhood, and His New Music A lex Botwin, better known.Paper, diamond saw a lot of success as EDM s first wave began to crest with the explosive.Paper, diamond : The EmeraldCityEDM, interview.

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I think that Paper Diamond TV is going to be a really good way for me to get size us paper new music out but not have to release it on an album or anything like that. Thats the hardest part in my career ieee papers on robotics and automation right now. Can you tell us a little more about. So Im trying to arrange in my mind.

Im working on dumb amounts of music right now, like I have 11 hours and 57 minutes of music from this session for my debut album.

EmeraldCityEDM met with Alex., aka.
Paper, diamond, on February 2 nd, 2013 before the Seattle stop of the Executioner Tour.
Currently in the second week of the three month tour, Alex had nothing but great things to say about the tour, his fellow artists and current proj.

A few hours after this interview, Paper, diamond was posted up in a Philadelphia hospital, getting X-rays on his ankle.
During his show he jumped off stage and injured himself, but refused to end.
Bringing in the New Year is always a big event, deciding on what you are going to do can be even bigger.

This year I certainly made the right choice and was able to bring in the New Years at the legendary Roseland Ballroom in New York City with the legendary.
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